Often cited as that 'Black Art' of audio, mastering is the process that turns your final mixes into the loud and polished sound that you need for release.

At SoundSource we predominantly use an analogue mastering process with the same equipment as you would see in high end mastering suits. Our lovely valve equalisers and compressors will warm up your recording and give it the sheen and depth you need to make it sound alive.


Your master critically depends on the quality of your mix. Before we committ to mastering we'll first advise if there are any mix issues. There is much you can do in mastering, but it all starts with having the best mix possible.

Music is an emotive medium and dynamics are an integral part of the expression so regarding loudness, we prefer to pay particular concern to the original dynamics of the material. Making your master as loud as possible can actually reduce impact and create more incoherence in the mix.

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